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Susie is a dream girl

Imagine being able to make love to the girl of your dreams in the location of your dreams

Watch as Susie handles Pablo’s HUGE cock and they ravish each other in paradise.

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Silvie – Transcendence

Transcendence, transcendent, and transcendental are words that refer to an object (or a property of an object) as being comparatively beyond that of other objects.’


And Gorgeous and wild as ever, she is back at X-Art and this time Pablo is the lucky guy!

She is feeling beautiful and horny when she comes across Pablo meditating in the garden.

It doesn’t take her long to put his huge cock in her mouth and climb on top!

She rides him until she’s satisfied, then it’s his turn to take her as he pleases.

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Gianna – Morning Tryst

Tyler and Gianna have an on and off again relationship.

Every time he sees her he is consumed with lust, he wants a lasting relationship but she just won’t commit.

They decided to spend the night together as friends, but when he¬† sees her getting dressed while he is bathing he can not contain himself¬† and they have one last ‘morning tryst’

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Brand new and gorgeous X-Art model Maya is HOT, HOT, HOT.

In the this photo-set Maya ravishes her lucky boyfriend backstage.

They were so into each other they couldn’t even wait for us the scene to be set up, they said, ‘the light is great here let’s do it right now, we are so horny since we’ve been waiting a few days to have sex for you guys!”

Enjoy this photo-set from X-Art

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Wet Dream

Have you ever imagined sneaking around underwater with goggles and catching a young couple getting it on in the pool or the ocean?

Imagine watching him slide his huge cock inside her tight pussy while they think no one is watching.

Well X-Art favorite model Ivy and her new crush Tyler meet in the pool and make a spalsh and we are all voyeurs.

You can feel the heat from their bodies warming up the cool pool water.

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Pure Grace

Forever lucky Mr. X gets his chance with pure and beautiful Grace.

Watch as he warms her up by sliding his fingers and tongue into her perfect, tight pussy.

She then takes his huge cock in her her mouth to return the favor.

The weather and the island and their bodies have got them so hot that they can’t wait.

He takes her from behind and missionary until he explodes all over her beautiful body.

This is pure Grace.

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