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Stop hating on the Mittani

Those of you who play Eve online will know who this guy is. For those that don’t play Eve or do not know, ¬†Mittani is the alliance CEO of one of the well most alliances in Eve: Goonswarm. He is also the guy who recentlly at Eve Fanfest made a silly suggestion of getting players to get another player to kill himself. Now while I in no way, shape or from condone his actions, what I do approve of is his ability to own up to his actions and apologise. And from what I understand, CCP have also imposed a ban in his account. I believe this is punishment enough. So I think it’s time for the hate posrs to stop. Let Mittani do his time in peace

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Lord Yu


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Things that make me laugh on the internet

I’ve been on the internet now for quite a few years, more than I care to count. I’ve used what could be called the ancestors to facebook, IRC and ICQ. I’ve seen the evolution of technology that has allowed us yo go from humble dial-up modems to blazing speeds that allow us to download files that would have taken weeks to download otherwise. But through it all, there are things that have remained constant. These are a list of those things, and they have all made me laugh


In internet terminology, a troll is a person who gets his or her excitement by intenti0nally posting comments on forums and other forms of internet communication to cause arguments. Some of these “trolls”, while theu will never be known, their comments will. You can see examples of this on facebook. People set up tribute pages for loved ones who have died, and of course the internet idiots just have to post stupid comments. And time and time agein, people respond to these comments, and arguments break out. Comments of youtube are also a good example of this. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve watched youtube videos and read the comments. Sometimes it can be one word, such as faggot or some other derogatory name, or it can be a whole paragraph. Why I say this makes me laugh is this is reminiscient of my days on IRC. You would get idiots joining a channel and making threats over the internet. Such threats would include , be not be limited to, physical violence of one or people in the channel or their friends and family members. This used to make me laugh because making threats from behind a keyboard was so ludicrously chilidish and immature as the person threatening said violence was, in the end, only making themselves look foolish and would ultimately earn themselves a ban not just from that particular server but the entire network. Evetually these people would find themselves banned from every IRC network on existence and had no choice but to go to fourms where the forum moderators didn’t gve a shit about what members did on the forum as they also got banned from forums where the moderators actually did their job.

Youtube comments

This also goes with trolls but also deserves it own mention. While some people actually do write constructive comments about videos, some just write stupid crap that causes arguments. Sometimes it seems that some of the comments are written by teenagers who seem to have nothing better to do that try and upset people by writing silly comments. Mpst of these comments are ignored by the majority of the Youtube community, but some feel compelled to respond with comments that are just as pointless. I guess some people just have too much time on their hands

Chain letters

So, if I send the email that states if I send the email to all my friends I’ll get a stack of money/good luck/insert name of hot supermodel that will give me the best night of my life, I’ll actually get what the email states? Or maybe I’ll just annopy all my friends by sending them some stupid chain letter that causes them to send me an email stating that they don’t want to receive any more chain letters. Although I must admit that I did get an email from my father about some people who had mocked God/Jesus and they did actually die. I read the email but I read it after the amount of time I had to send the email on had expired. Nothing bad happened (not that I can remember) but something good did happen to me (can’t remember what, but hey, I can’t remember everything).

Facebook comments

Ok, so I’ve covered trolls that comment on facebook, but sometimes your friends post things on Facebook that they wouldn’t necessarily say if you were talking to them. Or a grandparent posts something on Facebook that, in their day, meant something totally different to what it means today. And then they can’t understand what all the fuss is about.

So that’s some of the things that make me laugh as I’m surfing the net. There are probably other things that make me laugh, but it’s a late. If you think of something on the internet that makes you laugh, feel free to leave a somment

Until next time

Lord Yu

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