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Photobucket and some new pics

So I was uploading some pics to my photobucket account as all my pics had been deleted by my girlfriend as I stupidly forgot to put them into hidden mode again. The good news is I think they were backed up, but I can’t get to the backup file unless I pay for the program I used to back them up, and that won’t be for a while. Which is a shame, I had some real beuties. But as usual, I;m rambling. As I was saying…

Uploading some pics to my photobucket account, I had noticed that some pics from one of the albums had disappeared. Apparently, they violated the terms of use. No biggie though, as I just knew where I had downloaded the pics from in the first place so I just went back and downloaded them again. All of them. This time I had 62 photos instead of 59, but who cares, the girl in question is a total hottie. What am I saying, I only download pictures of total hotties.

So without anymore rambling, I present to you Daniela Tamayo. Choosing these pics was not easy, as all the pics I downloaded were of Daniela showing a lot of skin, and like I said, she is one very hot babe.

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Lord Yu


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