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CCP announces next expansion: Tyrannis

CCP has announced the next free expansion for Eve Online: Tyrannis.

Tyrannis promises to deliver what many have been asking for: the ability to exploit planetary resources. Players will be able to scan planets for minerals to mine, and then deploy infrastructure to mine those resources. And it won’t just be terran planets, players will also be able to resources from gas planets, ice planets, volcanic planets, water planets and a new type of planet I’ve never heard of: plasma


So, now for the speculation. As with player owned structures, I would assume that there will be a limit as to where planetary infrastructure may be placed. As it stands, player owned structures cannot be erected in system 0.7 and above. Also, players must have standings 10 times that of the system they wish to place a POS. So, a player, corp or alliance wishes to place a tower in a 0.7 system, then that player, corp or alliance must have a standing of 7 or higher with the empire that holds sovereignty. Confusing? Here’s an example

Say I’m the CEO of XYZ Corp. I wish to place a POS in a system with a security rating of 0.6. The faction that holds sovereignty is the Caldari State. I have to have a standing of 6 or higher with the Caldari to put up a pos in the system. Not with a Caldari NPC corporation, but with the Caldari State. Therefore, it makes sense that the same standings system would hold true for planetary development

I’m also going to assume that planetary development is going to be a corp-wide, if not an alliance-wide, activity. POS equipment is expensive, and we have no idea how much planetary structures are going to cost.

So, as it stands, Tyrannis is looking to be, in part at least, an industrial expansion. Only time will tell if I am right with my assumptions.

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Lord Yu


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