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Why girls/women don’t play EvE

An interesting post on the forum this last week or so on the Eve forum

It went something like “Any hot girls play Eve?”

And it gave me one of the many answers to the quesion why girls don’t play Eve

1. None of the females who do play Eve want to be hassled by immature players asking stupid questions

2. The one who do play don’t admit that they are for the same reason

3. I’ve finally understood why the Hellcats (greetings to you, fair ladies *tips hat*) won’t allow males in the corp. They just want to play Eve, not get hassled.

Of all the players I have met and flown alongside, two have admitted to being actual females. And I am proud to say I didn’t ask stupid questions, act immature or any way, shape or form hassle them. I did speak my mind to one who I thought was being a bit mean to some of the players who were renting alliance space, but that’s hardly hassling.  I didn’t really like that alliance anyway, 99% of them were idiots.

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Lord Yu


April 21, 2009 - Posted by | Eve Online


  1. -Not being sarcastic- but, how long have you been playing EVE? I know several women.

    A woman more or less runs The Illuminati.
    Another is (or was) a very high level HC in DICE.
    A woman was my first CEO and another woman in that corp married someone else from the same corp 😮
    One core member and FC of SNIGG is a woman

    I’ve only seen “tits or gtfo” once in EVE, to an FC that promptly kicked the idiot from the fleet.

    Also, the forum is full of idiots and really isn’t an accurate reflection of the normal EVE player. Go read Scrapheap instead. Just don’t ask who Derek is.

    Comment by Rooker | April 26, 2009 | Reply

    • To answer your question, I’ve been playing about 2 or 3 years, on and off.

      From your comment, I guess most of the female players are in 0.0, and I would expect that any idiot saying that to ANY female player in a corp and/or alliance, would have received a stern talking to or, after several warnings, been kicked for being a douche.

      Also, from the responses I’ve read from some of the posts where new(er) players have asked legitimate questions and received idiotic responses, I kind of guessed that most forum respondents are wankers. Hence the reason why
      a) I don’t ask questions in the forum. I ask my corpmates
      b) I don’t respond to questions asked in the forum, as most the “real” responses to get buried amongst the idiotic, unhelpful responses

      Comment by lordyu | April 29, 2009 | Reply

      • No, they’re scattered around in the pretty much the same way guys are. Noob corps, empire corps, 0.0, faction war… I only know of the one pirate but I’m sure there’s more.

        Most of them just won’t mention that their plumbing goes the other way until either they know you or until they start speaking on teamspeak and there’s no way to avoid it. More than once I’ve heard “whoa! A girl on EVE!” come over TS and that’s usually the worst thing that happens.

        Comment by Rooker | April 29, 2009

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