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I have lost faith in Australia’s mail system run by Australia Post

Approximately two weeks ago today, my girlfriend bought a Gameboy game off eBay from a seller within Australia. As we have been having problems with our mail since we moved to our current address, I decided it would be better ask the seller to send the item via registered post.

We have received no notification that the item has arrived at one of the two local post offices.

What really shits me is the fact that Australia Post will take no responsibility for the fact that we have been having this problem for close to 2 years. Their one and only excuse is someone is taking the mail from our mailbox.


I don’t work at the moment due to the fact I am still recovering from eye surgery, and my girlfriend doesn’t work either as she is on a disability support pension and taking care of me at the moment. So once the mail has been delivered, it gets taken straight out of the mailbox, which leaves maybe a few seconds for someone to take our mail. Which means we could identify them. This has been explained in the most simplest terms I can manage ie talking to the customer service help desk like they were 5 year old children.

The other irritating thing is the fact that several items bought from overseas sellers on eBay have arrived no problem. Now, why the fuck are we having this problem with local and national mail when overseas mail arrives no problem? Is it the fact that overseas mail has to come through customs and cannot be messed with, or are the local mail people too bloody stupid and/or lazy to do their jobs correctly?

So as far as I’m concerned, Australia Post are nothing but stupid, lazy, good for nothing liars and thieves. God help Australia Post if they ever tried to manage a chook raffle at a pub, because they certainly can’t manage the nation’s mail.

Update 6/7/08: The cardboard slip stating we had a registered mail item was put into the wrong mailbox. One of our neighbours is in hospital at the moment, and her husband, from whom she is divorced, picked up her mail and subsequently the cardboard slip. He went and picked up the package, and when he realised it wasn’t for his ex wife, brought it over.

You would think with something as important as the mail, the posties would be a tad more careful. Just proves my theory you don’t have too bright to be a postie. You just have to know how to read, which obviously our postie can’t.

So the manager/supervisor of the local delivery centre is going to be ripped a new arsehole tomorrow


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