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Happenings in Eve as of late

Not much going on in Eve at the moment. I’ve been mining away in my hulk which I my mining alt got a week or 2 ago. Must admint it’s a nice, relaxing change from the frenetic activity of combat. The mineral prices aren’t too bad at the moment, so I’ve made quite a bit if isk. Haven’t moved down with the alliance yet, going to do that tomorrow. That’s going to be fun, moving a hulk AND a badger II 40 odd jumps ro the alliance base. I don’t really see the point to me being down there though, fair enough the minerals are better but I need to mine more ore per m3 to get the good stuff, Not to mention the fact that I don’t have the skills to mine anything other than veldspar, plagiocalse, pyroxeres and scordite. Still, it will be worth it I guess. I’m closer to my corpmates, I can attend corp/alliance mining ops and once I get my combat toon back online he can help out if any neutrals decide they want to fight.

So apart from mining, my eve life as been fairly quiet. Which is good thing, for a change.

Anyway, fly safe, and may your enemies tremble in fear at the very mention of your name

General Qatar

PS Thanks to watlankor for his comments in “How to be a competent fleet commander”. After a lot of thought, Ive decided to ditch the drake as a PVP boat and am currently training recons. I did play around a little bit with EW when I first started playing Eve, and found it to be quite fun. Plus the bonuses to EW on recons is just nuts.


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